Effective September 8th, our CTE student's will be heading to the Soo for classes.  This will change the times of bus times.

Pick Up:

Newberry pick up: 7:00 am SHARP

Basnau Rd.: 7:15 am

Hulbert: 7:20 am

Eckerman: 7:39 am

South Whitefish Township: 7:46-7:50 am

Old Chip Rd Area: 8:06 am

All north of town students will be picked up between 8:00 and 8:10

CTE Students: Pick up 7:00 am Newberry, 7:20 Hulbert,
7:10 Whitefish Point Rd. meeting at Eckerman Post Office at 7:38 am.
Returning to school at 11:40-12:00 depending on roads

Thank you!