• Whitefish Township Community School

    Request for Proposal


    470 Application # 7065500000722701


    The Whitefish Township Community School District is seeking bids from qualified firms. The district is requesting proposals on upgrading its local area network. These proposals should include equipment and installation as required. Local area network switches, network wiring, and network wireless access are required.

    Bid Submittal

    Questions pertaining to the RFP should be directed to Sherie Gentry 906-492-3353, or sbritton@eup.k12.mi.us (email preferred).

    Written or emailed responses to the RFP must be received by February 9, 2010. Proposals must be clearly marked “USF NETWORK RFP”.

    All responses must be sent to:


    Sherrie Gentry

    Whitefish Township Community Schools

    7221 Highway M-123

    Paradise, MI 49768



    Process for Submitting Proposals:

    Proposals shall be organized into the following sections to make it easier for the District to evaluate them.

    - Table of contents with page numbers

    - Company brief

    - Summary

    - Proposed configurations and costs

    - Hardware and Software specifications where appropriate

    - List of references

    - Addendum

    The proposal shall contain a cover letter made upon the letterhead of the respondent. If delivered by mail an original plus one (1) copy of each proposal is required. Sealed proposals are to be delivered to the District on or before the Closing Date and Time. Proposals should be clearly marked - “USF NETWORK RFP”. Proposals received after the closing date and time will be rejected. Proposals must be accompanied by a letter of transmittal which is signed by an authorized corporate individual.

    Selecting Proposals

    1. Proposals will be selected using the following criteria (listed in order of importance) which is subject to review by our staff.

    - Conformity to Service Specifications (see specification page)

    - Price

    - Dealer Reputation for quality and service

    - Brand Reputation and Quality

    - Warranty/Service/Support

    - Product Availability and Delivery

    - Vendors adherence to bid specifications.

    2. Alternatives, variations and exceptions must be clearly stated.

    3. We reserve the right to consider proposals based on their relative merit, risk and value to our school district.

    4. All quotes must be submitted with the understanding that implementation may be dependent upon E-rate funding approval by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD ) and district board approval at the time of a funding commitment from the SLD. If funding is not approved any contingent contracts as a result of this RFP may be cancelled without penalty to either party.

    5. The intent is that contingent contracts will be let between Jan 12, 2010 and Jan 31, 2010. Purchase of products and services must be between Jul 1, 2010 and Jun 30, 2011.

    6. We reserve the right to negotiate with any vendor. The successful vendors may be asked to participate in negotiations and be asked to make revisions to their proposals based on these negotiations.

    7. We reserve the right to cancel in part or all of this RFP if it is in the best interest of our students.

    8. This RFP does not commit us to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this request, or to procure or contract for services or equipment.

    9. Where the quantity purchased effects the price per unit, the vendor is to indicate the price break points in relation to the number of units.

    10. Product pricing shall be in effect for the period covered by this RFP in conjunction with the USF application for funding.

    11. The vendor's proposal will indicate the product's availability and a delivery timetable.

    12. Vendors must be an authorized re-seller of the products that they propose.

    13. Vendors must list the certifications that they possess that are relevant to the products or work they propose.

    14. In submitting a bid, each vendor represents that they have read and understand these requirements.

    Rejection of Proposals

    The School District reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals and to waive any minor discrepancies or technicalities in the proposal or specifications, or in the event that the Universal Service Funding, which is required to complete this project fails, or when deemed to be in the best interest of the District.

    Service Specifications

    § Network:

    o Remove / upgrade all existing data / phone wiring

    o Relocate data closet from current location by main office to tech room.

    o Install Ethernet data / phone drops from new tech room location to each classroom/office. New wiring must be hidden or installed in raceway meeting all current code requirements.

    o New wiring must be tested and certified minimum category 5.

    o New drops must be clearly labeled on both ends.

    o Each classroom should have a minimum of 4 new data / phone drops.

    o Recommendation must be made to connect main building with annex and the community library (wired or wireless).

    o UPS power backup for network systems in tech room.

    o Cisco switches to support Ethernet on new drops.

    o 4 post rack in tech room for mounting servers, patch panels and switches.

    o 1 – 8 port workgroup switch for each classroom.

    § Wireless Access:

    o Density to support up to 100 clients spread across classrooms in district. (Currently covering with 6 wireless APs)

    o Supporting B/G/N standards

    o Interested in Ruckus managed wireless solution.

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