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    Whitefish Township Community School

    District 17160

    School 04506



    Thomas McKee, Superintendent

    7221 N. M-123

    Paradise, MI   49768


    Phone (906) 492-3353

    Fax (906) 492-3254



    Eastern Upper Peninsula School District





    Start July 2016

    End June 2019







    URL of the District Technology Plan:  http://whitefish.schoolwires.com/whitefish



    Table of Contents


    Cover Page                                                                Section 1                                Cover


    Introductory Material                                              Section 2                                Page 3


    Vision and Goals                                                     Section 3                                Page 4


    Curriculum Integration                                           Section 4                                Page 5

     Student Achievement                                              Section 5                                Page 6

    Technology Delivery                                               Section 6                                Page 6

    Parental Communications

    & Community Relations                                         Section 7                                Page 7


     Collaboration                                                           Section 8                                Page 7


    Professional Development                                     Section 9                                Page 7

    Supporting Resources                                             Section 10                              Page 8

    Infrastructure Needs, Technical                            Section 11                              Page 9           

    Specifications, and Design

    Increase Access                                                         Section 12                              Page 10


    Coordination of Resources                                     Section 14                              Page 11


    Evaluation                                                                 Section 15                              Page 11


    Acceptable Use Policy                                            Section 16                       Pages 13-16







    The mission of Whitefish Township Community Schools is to facilitate lifelong learning, promote responsible citizenship, and maximize future career opportunities





    Whitefish Township Community School is a small K-12 school with an enrollment of 54  students located in the town of Paradise in the northeastern Upper Peninsula. Paradise is a small resort town on the shore of Lake Superior.  There are many tourist attractions including Tahquamenon Falls State Park, the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and Lighthouse, Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, and other state and national park areas.  The population swells in the summer and during the snow season when the town is full of snowmobiles.


    Whitefish Township Community School is a one-building district and has a joint school/township library which houses the interactive television classroom.


    Whitefish Township Community School has eight teachers: three elementary, four secondary teachers, and one K12 Physical Education and Health teacher.  In addition, Whitefish has a superintendent/principal, an office manager, two part-time bus drivers, part-time head of maintenance, and a full-time cook.


    The township has a high rate of poverty, currently over 70% among the student population, as measured by free and reduced lunch applications.  According to the US Census, Whitefish Township is one of the poorest townships in the state.  This is often in contrast with the expensive lakefront property bought and built by retirees from below the bridge.


    Approximately ten percent of the school enrollment comes from schools of choice students.







    All learners will utilize technology as an integral tool to become successful members of a changing global society. Graduates must be able to compete successfully in an increasingly technological society.  It is essential that the school district provide the technological tools and training that will enable students to access, collect, process, and communicate ideas and information.




    WTCS is committed to preparing productive, self-reliant, and responsible members of our changing global society. Technology connects WTCS to the world. The District Technology Plan supports the WTCS mission and goals by providing a guide to the following:


    •       Plan resources (budget, grants, donations, partnerships);
    •       Coordinate available technology equipment and software;
    •       Evaluate emerging technologies and acquire those appropriate;
    •       Integrate technology into all curricular areas;
    •       Train and support all learners (staff, students) in the application and the evaluation of technology;
    •       Provide additional opportunities for career exploration and preparation;
    •       Utilize technology for effective communication; and
    •       Evaluate WTCS’s progress toward technology plan goals.


    Goal 1 – Maintain an ongoing program of staff training in integrating technology into the classroom.

    Strategy – Continue to provide staff with up-to-date wireless laptops, software, and professional development.  The Technology Director will attend meetings at the EUPISD and have regular technology integration professional development opportunities with the WTCS staff. 



    Goal 2 – Maintain the number of laptops, thereby continuing to support the 1-1 computing model.

    Strategy – WTCS will lease laptops to replace older models, thus keeping our students and staff using the latest technology.


    Goal 3 – Upgrade our current internal wiring to meet new standards and replace worn components.

    Strategy – WTCS will seek USF funding to rewire the entire district with new wires, access points, switches, hubs, and other internal connection hardware.







    By including technology as an integral component of a well-balanced K-12 program, Whitefish Township Community School will provide students with the opportunity to become technologically literate and acquire the skills and information necessary to actively participate in our information-rich world.  The district’s Technology Plan is intended to be consulted during all ongoing curriculum reviews and it is recommended that a technical representative be involved in all curriculum reviews.


    The variety of technologies will enable educators to better address the varied learning styles and multiple abilities of every student.  Networking and Internet access will provide students and staff curriculum-specific local and worldwide information on topics relevant to their academic and professional studies.  Student-to-student and teacher-to-teacher communication will provide an environment of immediate feedback and collaboration on projects and curriculum issues.  Administrators, teachers, parents, and community organizations will be able to share information and collaborate through these networks.


    The following goals and strategies will be used to ensure that technology is effectively integrated into the entire curriculum:


    •       Staff will attend technology professional development sessions to learn/enhance their knowledge of technology uses in the classroom;
    •       Teachers will assign technology-based lessons to all students which will require students to practice technological skills and knowledge in order to complete a project;
    •       Students will use and transfer technological knowledge and skills for life roles (family member, citizen, worker, consumer, lifelong learner); ,
    •       Students will use and apply technologies to input, retrieve, organize, manipulate, evaluate, and communicate information; 
    •       Students will use resources and processes to create, maintain, and improve products, systems, and environments;
    •       Staff and students will apply ethical and legal standards in their planning and use of available technology.
    •       District will maintain student access to technology by continuing to support one-to-one computing.
    •       District will facilitate the exchange of ideas and materials among teachers, students, parents, and related agencies or organizations through electronic transfer of information.
    •       District will maintain communication links with the EUPISD through local area networks (LANs) and a wide area network (WAN), electronic bulletin boards, and access to external databases.
    •       District will commit funding to support technology upgrades and maintenance
    •       Staff will adhere to MDE Educational Technology Standards and Benchmarks





    All students at Whitefish Township Community School have daily access to computers in their classroom for skill practice, Internet research, multimedia projects, etc.  All students have dedicated space on the server for individual file storage. All classes have a TV/VCR setup to view various videos obtained through the EUP REMC.  Grade level appropriate software is available in all classrooms not only for the purpose of grade level study, but also for remedial and advanced study to aid in the improvement of MEAP and other standardized test scores. In addition, all staff will be responsible for educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response.


    Students follow the following sequence, which is based on the Michigan Educational Technology Standards and Expectations :


    K – 3

    In these grades, students are introduced to computer applications at school.  Many of them have used computers at home for games.  They learn basic computer operations, what the various technologies are, and they practice using them to enhance learning or gain new skills.  These students use Data Director to complete GLAD testing.


    4 – 6


    In these grades, students begin using keyboarding software and research tools such as electronic encyclopedias and the Internet.  These students learn how to save files to the network and how to use software to create presentations and communicate effectively.  They are often given lessons which integrate technology into all subjects.


    7 – 12


    Students continue to utilize technology to present, communicate, problem solve, and research.  They are required to already have basic knowledge of computers and often must use word processing to complete reports in specified formats (MLA, APA).  Since these students are near the end of their public school careers, staff focuses on real life technological solutions such as college applications, managing email, and career exploration.  High school students have the option of taking courses online as well as through Interactive Television. 




    Due to our remote location, WTCS utilizes several learning management systems to meet the needs of students who require specialized, more rigorous, or remedial courses.  Through our Interactive Television room, we offer advanced math and foreign languages taught by teachers in neighboring districts.  Dual enrollments students often opt for online courses, eliminating the need for travel.  We also offer online courses through Michigan Virtual High School for students who need more than what we offer to meet Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements and to enhance instruction and increase student achievement.





    Communication and collaboration with parents and the community is paramount in a small school district.  Our ITV room is available to the community and has been utilized to provide Firefighting courses and driver’s education.  Other ways we involve the community include the following:


    ·         The school web page is located at http://whitefish.schoolwires.com/whitefish  It provides parents with a variety of information, including the Technology Plan, Acceptable Use Policy, school calendar, classroom information, and student projects;

    ·         Parent and student access to Illuminate where they can view grades, attendance, and lunch transactions;

    ·         Parent/Teacher conferences;

    ·         Phone calls;

    ·         Monthly newsletters which are available electronically on our website;

    ·         Inclusion of parents/community members on the technology planning committee.



    Not Applicable


    Whitefish Township Community School District is located in an area far removed from the nearest Adult Ed program and does not provide GED certification.


    The district will continue with the following programs:

    ·         Involve active community/business advisory groups in educational planning

    ·        Support community based projects in need of our students’ expertise, talents and technology resources as they arise. 






    Our technology director will hold in-services in which she will train staff members how to use existing technology and how they might utilize this technology in their individual classrooms.  She will be available on a daily basis to assist staff members with technology integration issues including software, hardware, connectivity, and general maintenance.  Her focus will be on showing staff members how to integrate technology into their current curriculum rather than replacing or adding to curriculum.  All staff members currently use laptops on a daily basis to complete attendance, enter grades, communicate with other staff and parents, and to conduct academic research.


    While all staff members are encouraged to participate in training sessions, the ultimate goal is for the professional teaching staff to know and understand how to utilize the technologies available in order to seamlessly integrate their use into the curriculum.  The District expects the staff to utilize technology to meet district goals, MDE benchmarks, and state and national expectations.


    As new technologies (both hardware and software) emerge and are acquired/implemented, staff will be adequately trained in the use of the new technology.


    The District will continue to dedicate at least one in-service day to the integration of technology into the curriculum.


    Teachers and instructional staff members will continue to attend conferences and workshops sponsored by organizations such as but not limited to MACUL as monies permit.


    Staff will receive more in-depth training in the use of the District’s electronic attendance software in order to take advantage of the more advanced features.



    The District will continue to identify and train additional in-house personnel who can provide training in a more informal environment at convenient times for all staff members.


    The District will continue to dedicate at least one in-service day to the integration of technology into the curriculum.


    Faculty will continue to be trained and encouraged to expand their use of the District’s website in order to enhance communication with students and parents.


    As new technologies (both hardware and software) emerge and are acquired /implemented, the staff will be adequately trained in the use of the new technology.



    The District will continue to develop and offer application-specific training sessions that can be available at in-services.


    The staff will continue to be trained and encouraged to expand their use of the District’s website in order to enhance communication with students and parents.


    As new technologies (both hardware and software) emerge and are acquired /implemented, the staff will be adequately trained in the use of the new technology.







    WTCS believes our success and effective uses of technology rely on district support.  Our supporting resources include the following:


    •       District policies, such as Acceptable Use Policies and Technology Plan linked to web site
    •       Dedicated Board funding to support ongoing technology maintenance;
    •       Access to Whitefish Township Library and their online catalog searching tool;
    •       Official school website updated on a regular basis to inform students, staff and community of events, activities, menus, and notices. District School Improvement Plan will be addressed in the area of technology;
    •       REMC materials and United Streaming for enhanced instruction and lifelong learning;
    •       Email, Internet access, and student database access for staff members;
    •       Software purchases to implement existing curriculum goals;
    •       Inventory of all hardware/software indicating vendor, purchase date, technical notes, repairs, warranty information, licensing, and funding information;
    •       Part-time, on-site Technology Director







    Whitefish Township Community School has a district-wide Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects the district to the Eastern Upper Peninsula School District.  The infrastructure of the current system includes Internet and network connections in all classrooms, a 1:1 student to computer ratio, and distance learning equipment in the IATV classroom.


    The current wiring was put in place over a decade ago when the needs were minimal compared to what they are now.  Administrators, teachers, and students currently use our network for a wide variety of applications including email, accessing educational videos, managing finance and student data, and maintaining accountability with state and federal agencies.  The current cables and switches are showing wear and need to be replaced.  WTCS plans to rewire the district to replace old cabling and switches and to upgrade to a more efficient and effective infrastructure.


    In order to improve student learning and teach students to be ready for the technology they will face in the workforce, WTCS will lease new laptops to continue the 1:1 computing model.  All computers will have Windows XP as an operating system.  We utilize Novell Netware as our networking software.  WTCS will purchase and/or maintain software for grade reporting, student accountability, financial accountability, and food service software.


    Our Technology Director will ensure that all computers have Internet access, network connections, and updated software.  She will be available on a daily basis to troubleshoot and fix nonfunctioning workstations and network issues.  WTCS has contracted with the EUPISD to provide file server and Interactive television maintenance, network upgrades, and hardware repair issues that cannot be resolved by the Technology Director.


    Current Equipment:

    • Dell Power Edge 1800 server       
    • Voice Over IP communication system
    • 8 access points
    • 3 desktop networked computers
    • 20 wireless laptops
    • digital cameras, laser jet printers, scanners, digital projectors
    • variety of grade level appropriate software to support curriculum integration
    • SmartBoard Technology in all classrooms
    • Schoolwires subscription
    • Sunguard Finance
    • Illuminate
    • two cell phones in busses 
    • 11 iPads with portable charging cart 
    • 8 telephone/fax lines with local and long distance service


    Current Status:

    ·         All WTCS classrooms are wired for Internet access

    ·         All WTCS classrooms have access to wireless access points so wireless connectivity is available in all areas.

    ·         Every teacher at WTCS has a laptop computer, Internet access, access to scanners, digital cameras, and all       network resources.

    ·         Students have daily access to the computer lab, network resources, scanners, digital cameras, and ITV and MVU       courses.

    ·         Student technology literacy is integrated into all classes.

    ·         All technology purchases will be approved by Technology Director to insure interoperability.


    Future Acquisitions:

    ·         new digital projectors





    Whitefish Township Community School currently provides access to all staff and students.  They will dedicate funds to maintain this level of access. This will ensure students’ abilities to access information on the Internet and will increase the teachers’ abilities to assign mandatory technologically integrated lessons. 




    •       District will establish a line item in the general fund budget that will be available exclusively for technology.
    •       District will allocate funds dedicated to maintenance of laptops.
    •       District will continue to seek grants to provide technology to area.
    •       Continue in pursuit of Universal Service funds.
    •       Utilize Title funding for technology.






    •       Teachers will be evaluated on technology integration in the classroom by an annual observation by school administration and/or the Technology Director.
    •       Michigan Department of Education Educational Technology Standards and Expectations will be followed.





    Notification to Parents Regarding Accounts for Computer Networks


    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    Your child will receive an account on the school’s computer network.  With this educational opportunity comes responsibility to use these networks in a productive and ethical manner.  When your child receives an account number and password, it is extremely important that s/he abide by the enclosed agreement which is to be signed by both the child and the parent.


    Any inappropriate use of the computer networks will result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool and possible disciplinary action as well.


    Since you are legally responsible for your son/daughter’s actions, you may want to stress the importance of using only his/her own account number and password and the necessity of guarding against their use by others.  Under NO circumstances should anyone else be given the information to access your child’s account.


    After you have read and discussed the agreement with your child, please sign it and return to the school as soon as possible.  Computer privileges will be withheld until the signed agreement is returned.


    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning this letter or the agreement.





    Thomas McKee

















    This agreement is entered into this day, ______________________________(full date), between _________________________________(student  name),  hereinafter referred to as Student, and the Whitefish Township Community School, hereinafter referred to as District.  The purpose of this agreement is to provide Network (Electronic Mail and Electronic Bulletin Board) and Internet access, hereinafter referred to as Network, for educational purposes to the student.  As such, this access will (1) assist in the collaboration and exchange of information, (2) facilitate personal growth in the use of technology, and (3) enhance information gathering and communication skills.

    The intent of this contract is to ensure that students will comply with all Network and Internet acceptable use policies approved by the District.

    In exchange for the use of the Network resources either at school or away from school, I understand and agree to the following:


    A.    The use of the Network is a privilege that may be revoked by the District at any time and for any reason.  Appropriate reasons for revoking privileges include, but are not limited to, the altering of system software and the placing of unauthorized information, computer viruses or harmful programs on or through the computer system in either public or private files or messages.  The District reserves the right to remove files, limit or deny access, and refer the Student for other disciplinary actions.


    B.     The District reserves all rights to any material stored in any file and will remove any material which the District, at its sole discretion, believes may be unlawful, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or otherwise objectionable.  Students will not use their District-approved computer account/access to obtain, view, download, or otherwise gain access to such materials.  The District recognizes the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and employs filtering and/or checks for privacy and safety at the ISD and District level.


    C.     All information services and features contained on District or Network resources are intended for the private use of its registered users and any use of these resources for commercial—for profit—or other unauthorized purposes (i.e. advertisements, political lobbying), in any form, is expressly forbidden.


    D.    The District and/or Network resources are intended for the exclusive use by their registered users.  The Student is responsible for the use of his/her account/password and/or access privilege.  Any problems that arise from the use of a Student’s account are the responsibility of the account holder.  Use of an account by someone other than the registered account holder is forbidden and may be grounds for loss of access privileges.


    E.     Any misuse of the account will result in suspension of the account privileges and/or other disciplinary action determined by the District.  Misuse shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


    1.       Intentionally seeking information on, obtaining copies of, or modifying files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users.
    2.       Misrepresenting other users on the Network.
    3.       Disrupting the operation of the Network through abuse of the hardware or software.
    4.       Malicious use of the Network through hate mail, harassment, profanity, vulgar statements, or discriminatory remarks.
    5.       Interfering with other’s use of the Network.
    6.       Extensive use for non-curriculum related communication.
    7.       Illegal installation of copyrighted software.
    8.       Unauthorized downloading, copying, or use of licensed or copyrighted software.
    9.       Allowing anyone to use an account other than the account holder.
    10.       Attempting to bypass or bypassing federally mandated filtering software.


    The use of District and/or Network resources are for the purpose of the following (in order of priority):

    ·         Support of the academic program

    ·         Telecommunications

    ·         General information

    ·         Recreation


    F.      The District and/or Network does not warrant that the functions of the system will meet any specific requirements the user may have, or that it will be error free or uninterrupted; nor shall it be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost data, information, or time) sustained or incurred in connection with the use, operation, or inability to use the system.


    G.    The District and/or Network will periodically make determinations on whether specific uses of the Network are consistent with the acceptable-use practice.  The District and/or Network reserve the right to log Internet use and to monitor electronic mail and space utilization by users.


    H.   The Student may transfer files from information services and electronic bulletin board services.  For each file received through a file transfer, the Student agrees to check the file with a virus-detection program before opening the file for use.  Should the Student transfer a file, shareware, or software which infects the Network with a virus and causes damage, the student will be liable for any and all repair costs to make the Network once again fully operational and may be subject to other disciplinary measures as determined by the District.


    I.   The Student may not transfer file, shareware, or software from information services and electronic bulletin boards without permission of the District Network Director.  The Student will be liable to pay the cost or fee of any file, shareware, or software transferred, whether intentional or accidental, without such permission.


    J.    The Student may only log on and use the Network under the immediate supervision of a staff member and only with his/her authorized account number.


    K.     The District reserves the right to log computer use and to monitor file server space utilization by users.  The District reserves the right to remove a user account on the Network to prevent further unauthorized activity.


    In consideration for the privileges of using the District and/or Network resources, and in consideration for having access to the information contained on the Network, or by the Network, I hereby release the District, Network and their operators and administration from any and all claims of any nature arising from my use, or inability to use the District and/or Network resources.


    I agree to abide by such rules and regulations of system usage as may be further added from time-to-time by the District and/or Network.  These rules will be available in hardcopy form in the Principal’s office.


    ___________________________                              ________________________

    Signature of Student                                                            Date


    As the Student’s parent or legal guardian, I agree to this agreement and will be responsible for any fees, expenses, or damage incurred as a result of my child’s use of the Network or equipment.


    ___________________________                              _________________________

    Signature of Parent                                                  Date


    If you have any questions, please contact the District Network Director.



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